The Inauguration of the Book “A History of Medical Services in Sudan” by Professor Siddiq Ibrahim

Haffiya Abdalla 

Khartoum – Professor Siddiq Ibrahim Khalil inaugurated the book “A History of Medical Services in Sudan” at the Global Conference Center (GCC) at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology.

A History of Medical Services in Sudan is a historical recount of medical services from the Kingdom of Kush till the early post-independence era. The Book includes historical facts pertaining to medical service from the Funj Kingdom, the Turco-Egyptian period, the Mahdia Revolution, and finally the Condominium era in addition to photographic images of great interest.

The inauguration was attended by a group of scientists and doctors, and the inauguration session was chaired by Professor Ali Muhammad Shammo

 Professor Ali Shammo, the session director, said that the book is important and deals with a different topic and documented the history of medical services in Sudan.

Stressing the need for the community to learn about this type of information about the history of Sudan, he added that we recommend expanding the authorship of this type of literature and adding the book to the curriculum of studying medicine in medical colleges in Sudan.

Professor Muhammad Youssef Sukkar said that the contents of the book and its documentation for different times did not neglect the medical aspect of it. He collected history with the medical practitioners and presented their observations to him, and congratulated him on this inauguration.

 Professor Siddiq Ibrahim – the author of the book thanks Professor Ali Shammo, Professor Moussa Hamed, Professor Muhammad Youssef Sukar, and Professor Khaled Yaji noting that writing the book was not easy due to the lack of reliable historical sources and stated that history neglects writing about medicine, and Professor Siddik explained that writing the book was not easy. 

The history of Sudan needs revision, pointing out that Sudanese doctors have made contributions in the field of poetry, literature, and authorship.

 It is worth noting that prof. Siddig authored more than 45 original papers in peer-reviewed journals and has written three books. The subject of Biographical Record in Who’s Who in the World, 15th Edition 1998 and subject of Biographical Record IBS, Cambridge England. 1998 Professor of Medicine, University of Medical Sciences and Technology and was dean of Sudan Heart Institute during 2009-2011. 

Presently he is a consultant cardiologist at The Heart Clinic, Khartoum, and is the current President of the Cardiology Division of the Sudan Medical Council and past president of the Sudan Association of Physicians. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Sudan Heart Journal.

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