The Sudanese Army and the Embassies

Mohamed Saad Kamel

The Advisor of the Army’s Chief-in-Command, Brig. (Dr.) Al-Tahir Abu Hajar has said that the army and other regular forces quitting from the political scene doesn’t mean giving the political forces the opportunity for any irresponsible statements on the army.

Abu-Haja added in his press statement that the assurance of the army’s leaders to avail the way for dialogue doesn’t mean crossing the redlines by some politicians and activists.

It is recognized in the recent few weeks that some politicians and activists attempt to tarnish the bright image of the Sudanese army as a national neutral army as testified by the enemies before the friends and that the army throughout its history been serving the interests of the nation.

Unfortunately, some politicians took advantage of the freedoms environment in the country after December glorious revolution to mess up the thoughts and norms of the Sudanese people through offensive speech against the regular forces to make those forces subject to mockery and indignation from the Sudanese people.

They forgot that those regular forces are the sons of the Sudanese people and that the continuous attack might lead to murmuring among those forces a matter that will reflect negatively on the performance of those forces.

I do not see any justification for the attempts of those politicians to take such offensive stances against the army unless messing up the scene to please the abroad lobby whose elements are now roaming around freely.

The newly appointed US ambassador launched his activities by visiting the families of the martyrs and announcing that the US Administration is supporting the establishment of a civilian rule in Sudan joining by that his peers the ambassadors of other western countries, while our foreign ministry is giving a blind eye to such violations to the diplomatic norms.

Those embassies are behind the political parties which work to ignite the strife and instability in Sudan starting by offending the Sudanese regular forces.

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