Army issues statement on Laqawa area incidents

– The Armed Forces issued, Today a statement on the developments of security situations in the Laqwa area.

The statement pointed out that forces of the People’s Movement in the North bombed neighborhoods in the city of Laqwa in the afternoon of October 18, 2022 AD with 13 mortar shells from one of their bases in Jabal Tarin, north of Laqwa.

“The bombing targeted the city market, the Ghazaya neighborhood, and the Masalit neighborhood, and resulted in the injury of two members of the Rapid Support Forces.” The statement said.

The statement added that the shelling was followed by an attack by a force of the People’s Movement, consisting of an infantry, on our forces, which managed to defeat them and forced them to withdraw. “The move is a clear violation of the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities agreement signed with the Government of Sudan, which has been renewed and adhered to since October 16, 2019” the army indicated.

The statement warned the leadership of the SPLM-N of the consequences of any breach of the ceasefire, and attempt to exploit the limited conflicts that may arise between citizens to achieve an agenda that does not serve the historical peaceful coexistence between them and the Sudanese government’s continuous calls for the movement to engage in the peace process.

It added that the local authorities in the state are able to deal with their citizens to ensure that the rights of all are preserved without prejudice to a specific group of the Sudanese people.

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