Beware of Grey Area Stance

Three remarks in the recent statement of the new American Ambassador to Sudan are worth noting and analyzing.
The first is the non-equivocal comment on the statement of the advisor of General Al-Burhan that the participation of of the Head of the Sovereignty Council in the 77th General Assembly of the UN is an acknowledgment of the USA and the international community to the incumbent military rule in Sudan. The Ambassador said the participation does not mean any kind of acceptance of the USA to the ruling military regime and that America is in its position of denying recognition of the 25th October, 2021 coup as enhanced by the speech if USA President Biden in the same General . The Ambassador also cited the law passed by the Congress about the Democratic Transition in Sudan.
The second is the implicit warning to Sudan to broker any deal with Russia that gives it a foot-hold on the Red Sea Coast of Sudan. He said that such agreement will be harmful to Sudan.
The third is that America will join hands with Troika, The African Union (AU) and IGAD to convince the warring civilian components to come to a consensus at any reasonable level to allow the interim period wade safely to general elections and full withdrawal of the Army from the political scene. He also expressed his concern about the resurfacing of the elements of the ousted salvation regime. He expressed his concern about the exclusion of some factions which were against the Salvation regime. In my opinion I think he meant factions like the Popular Congress Party (PCP) and other moderate Islamic groups. He is clearly saying that exclusion should only be to the National Congress Party (NCP) elements
In analyzing the three statement one can conclude the following:
First: American and the international community are adamantly against what had happened on the 25th October 2021 and consider it a military coup against a transitional civilian rule.
All international and financial assistance will continue to be on hold until the civilian transitional rule is resumed and the army retracts to barracks.
Secondly: The Red Sea Coast of Sudan is part and parcel of the American National Security. America cannot tolerate any form of Russian presence in the Red Sea. He impliedly warned the incumbent military rule to play with fire.
The third is that America will play a pivotal role in the consolidation of all or the major of the civilian elements to form a transitional government based on a New Transitional Constitutional Document (NTCD).
The NTCD will only exclude the NCP ousted regime. It will be inclusive to all other elements of FFC (Central and Charter groups). He said all of this should be fulfilled before 25th October 2022.

The incumbent rulers should refrain from playing on the two ropes and standing in the grey area between America and Russia. This was tried by the President of the ousted regime when he visited Russia and held a meeting with Putin. It didn’t work and led to negative results. Staying in the grey area is an extremely bad option and difficult to attain. This is enhanced by the fiery statements of the Russia Ambassador on commenting on the statements of the American Ambassador.
Having said that it is only wise and logical to lean to the American Axix which includes all European countries which are genuinely working to distance Sudan from slipping into chaos and anarchy. They are working on a safe transition to civilian rule which will be accompanied by huge financial and technological assistance through multi-national companies and world financial institutions in the form of investments of the resurces of Sudan to serve mutual interests. Sudan has the potential to speedy developments that can be felt by its citizens in a short period.
My last advice to all transitional and elected governments is to lean completely to American Axis and reap the benefits of the mutual interests.
Beware of the precarious stance on the Grey Area.

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