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Dagalo: My Stance will Remain Steadfast towards the Change of April 11th , 2019

By: Staff Reporter

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, RSF Commander=in-Chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo affirmed that his stanc will remain steadfast towards the change of April 11th,2019,
Dagalo accused some parties – which he did not mention – of monopolizing power and wealth, calling those parties to allow others to be involved in power and wealth-share participate in running the country.
While addressing a mass rally in Wad Al-Safori area in White Nile State on the occasion of graduation of Quran memorizers, Dagalo said some groups are attempting to tarnish his image to pass its agenda through promoting rumors that the VP is leading attempts against the religion, adding that he did not graduate in the University of Khartoum or Harvard, but he Sufi sects all over the country and the globe are supporting him, affirming that he never plays with the Islam and its noble principles , confirming that nobody can deceive them in the name of Islam.
Dagalo reiterated his call to all to reach, an acceptable by all, national accord.
He pledged to sponsor the construction of Abu-Haleef bridge linking the aeas west of the Nile with the White Nile State, besides following up providing the power and water services along with the Western road with the concerned authorities.

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