Experts Harvesting on Water Quality in Rural Areas Deserve Appreciation

By: Neimat Al.Naiem

Professor Al Fatih Alhebir ,Vice Chancellor of Omdurman Islamic University addressed the opening session of experts meeting on assessment and evaluation of water in the rural areas in Sudan . The meeting was organized by UNESCO chair on water in collaboration with UNESCO center of Group 2 of capacity building in the field of water harvesting at the ministries of Irrigation and water resources ,and the Higher Education and Scientific Research , UNESCO office in Khartoum , and the World Health Organization (WHO) on 28th September 2022 at the Grand Holly day Hotel in Khatoum.

Prof.AlFatih tackled in his speech the importance of water in our life as gift from Allah .He pointed to the attention of the globe with the water resources and how to preserve it noting that our planet us suffering great from the continious demands for water and the rapid increase of population.
He called on paying more attention with the scientific research in water field and to benefit more from water harvesting in the rural areas to provide safe and clean drinking water to realize the sixth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
On her part ,Dr. Muna Musnad , Acting Director of UNESCO Chair at the University welcomed the participants and assured the importance of research studies being done in Sudan states to support and assist officials and decision makers to solve water pollution of water harvesting public services.
She appreciated efforts of the supporters of the meeting .She called on importance of raising awareness with the SDGs and the pre-planning and the integrated discipline for managing water resouces to fulfil the SDGs 2030.

The meeting came out with recomendations including the importance of water harvesting public services regards to its quality. Importance of applying modern technologies to filter these sources. The study also recommended to establish reference laboratory for water quality and setting plans to train the technical staff and the technicians. Establishing platform to gather all laboratories of water quality in order to exchange information and data. The study also recommended to design water public services involving earth dams at the gates that enabling water carrying clay and pollution to run through .

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