Mass Outburst against Finance Minister


A big bang overwhelmed Sudan after the leakage of information about a decision issued by the Minister of Finance, D. Jibril Ibrahim to exempt a vehicle belonging to his nephew from custom duties.
The mass outburst escalated after the Minister’s press statements in which he defended his decision justifying that it is normal because according to powers vested on him he is allowed to grant such exemptions.
Despite the power of the popular surge against the decision and the statements of the Minister, the issue is not more that repetition of a old story to be retold every now and then.
Few year ago an ex-minister of fiancé who was in an official visit to the USA accompanied his son with him for medication in one of the American hospitals at the expense of the Sudanese government treasury. The cost of medication was US$100 thousand a matter which was met with derision, but soon afterwards the protests vanished.
During the civilian rule (1986 – 1989) media outlets protested against the huge financial compensations ordered by the government to the family of the then prime minister and some other politicians, but as usual the protests vanished and nobody was brought to book.
The above are but some examples and this raises that question what is the role of the audit and accountability bodies in such cases?
In short we can say that it would be better if the mass outburst is directed to the reference, monitoring and accountability institutions it would be difficult to fall in the mistakes of the administrative estimations which will be restricted by the regulations, guarded by monitoring, accountability and punishment.

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