National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

The globe is looking forward to see the outcomes of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Party which will be held in Beijing on October 16th 2022, where more than two thousand representatives from all over China will meet to participate in the congress which is held every five years.
It is expected that the congress will come out with important out decisions on the internal affairs of China related to the current changes in the world.
Unlike the previous congresses, which usually take place on November, the congress of this year comes earlier a step which is considered by observers as aiming to give President XI Jinping an amble time to prepare for other international summits such as the 17th G20 Heads of State and Government summit which will take place in 15 – 16 November 2022 in Bali.
The National Congress of the Chinese Communist party will review the achievements of the Party, besides evaluating the current international status and forming the supreme institutions of the Party and the military committee.
The Congress will witness reshuffle of the leading positions in the central government including the Secretary-Gneral of the Party which is occupied now by XI Jinping besides the formation of the supreme authorities in the party and the military committee.
The congress will nominate the persons who will take the positions in the central government including the Prime Minister which is held now by Li Keqiang and the members of the representatives council besides the ratification of the new appointments and the new central committee members.
China is facing a lot of challenges including the crisis management during COVID-19 pandemic and discussing the idea of building a joint fate for humanity to reflect the Chinese diplomatic ambitions and its efforts to boost the international relations and the disputes with the western countries on top of which is the USA.
The timing of the Congress coincides with the continuation of Ukraine war, the tensions in Taiwan and the dire economic conditions in most of the countries in the globe which will affect the whole world.
It is expected that President XI Jinping will play a crucial role in reshaping the results according to China’s position in the world.
China is considered the safe haven for the underdeveloped countries which are suffering a lot from the collapsing economies and the blatant interference from the Western countries.
It is expected that the Chinese Dragon to play a bigger role through its old policy based on non-interference politically and entering into fruitful economic partnerships.

Mohammed Saad Kamel

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