Sudanese-Ethiopian Intelligence Coordination to Reduce Cross-border Crime

By: Staff Reporter

Sudan and Ethiopia’s intelligence services have reached an agreement on strengthening security cooperation on common borders, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (Fana) reported.

Fana authority said that a delegation headed by the Director General of the Sudanese Intelligence, Ahmed Mufaddal, visited the headquarters of the Ethiopian agency today where the two sides discussed security and intelligence issues concerning the two countries as well as the Horn of Africa.

The Director-General of the Ethiopian Intelligence Service, Temsgen Tarouneh, said that the two agencies will cooperate to reduce the effects of cross-border crimes, illegal funds and human trafficking through enhancing cooperation on capacity building and sharing information.

Tarouneh also pointed to the Renaissance Dam’s benefits which said will enhance bilateral relations between the two countries.

These talks were interrupted by the resurgence of clashes in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

South Sudan proposed to host a summit between the Sudan Sovereign Council Chairman, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed, in the presence of the South Sudan president Salva Kiir this October to discuss the border conflict.

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