Sudanese Intelligence .. Technical Development

in the Fight against Intercontinental Crimes
Regional and International Appreciation for Sudanese General Intelligence Service efforts in Curbing Human Trafficking

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

The General Intelligence Service in any country is playing a crucial and pivotal role in preserving the national, regional and international security through its efforts in curbing the intercontinental crimes besides fighting the human trafficking operations and drugs’ smuggling, added to its essential role according to the vision, plans and programmes of those countries.
The Sudanese General Intelligence Service (GIS) is considered one of the most important intelligence services in the region due to the strategic location of Sudan, its broad bordering zones with several African and Arab countries along with its demographic diversity.
Intercontinental Crime:
No doubt the intercontinental crime represents a great concern in all countries specially the European, African and some Arab countries.
Due to its pivotal role the Sudanese General Intelligence Service an African entity that includes several African countries was established under the name (Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa) – CISSA to enable the leaders of the intelligence services in the continent to meet, coordinate and exchange expertise to assist in curibing all types of modern crimes.
GIS Capacity-building:
Within the growth and development of crimes, the Sudanese General Security Services leadership endeavored to qualify its staff through ca[acity-building programme to enable for conducting its duties in a professional manner and matter that led to strengthening the confidence on it.

International Support:
The efforts exerted by the Sudanese General Intelligence Service put the international community before a great challenge to provide all possible support and assistance especially the European Union considering that the Sudanese GIS are exerting all possible efforts to eliminate the illegal migration and human trafficking a matter that led to the reduction of illegal migrations to Europe through Sudan which is considered a transit country.
It is high time for the European Union and African countries to provide the Sudanese GIS with all the required support and to enable it continue its noble mission.

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