The Epidemic of Burkina Faso Coup

By:Idress Osman Idress

An army captain in Burkina Faso announced that they have removed the current chief of staff Lt Col Damiba and that was expected by many Burkinade for being unable to tackle Islamist militants.
Ibrahim Traore cited Lt Col Damiba’s inability to deal with an Islamist insurgency as the reason.
More than 20 armed soldiers – most with their faces covered – appeared on state TV shortly before announcing the removal of Damiba .
In January, Lt Col Damiba ousted President Roch Kaboré, due to he had failed to deal with growing militant Islamist violence and insurgents in the country.
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) condemned the move, stating it “reaffirms its unreserved opposition to any taking or maintaining of the power by unconstitutional means”.
The population of 22 million was located in a strategic location in West Africa, one of the continent’s biggest cotton producers traditionally prided itself on a national spirit of peace, tolerance, and integration. Its name meant “the land of upright people.” although lack of security in many parts of its country with the growing activities of Jihadists and Islamists since 2010 controlling 40%.
The History of Coup d’èta in Burkina Faso?
The country is like the other Africa States eexperiencesmilitary take over from time to time and the average of coup dète in each African country was five times or less, the “Upper Volta ” currently known as Burkina Faso highly involved in military action and takes takenooverindependence from its Colonial
French in was about eight coups d’èta takentooke, 1966, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1987,2014 and on January 2022 followed on September 2022.
What’s the Behind The ising Of the Russia Flag in West and Central Africa?
It’s very clear and obvious that Russia or “Wthe Wagner group” special military group increase its presence in West, Central, and Sub- Sahara Africa in recent years
The French States saw French as incapable of fighting and chasing out Jihadists and Islamists in their respective countries, after more than a decade of represented heregionn
The fonumina of rising Russians flag were all most in Guinea- Conakry after the military seized power last year, Niger last week protests, Burkina Faso in last two coup d’èta, Mali took action to expelled French from their country. all those are clear indications that French losing its control and power in the region.

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