Unacceptable Withdrawal

The declaration of General Burhan in the 4th of July this year is unfortunate and illogical. In it he declared that the military component of the revolution decided to withdraw from the ongoing negotiations between the stakeholders of the revolution which ousted the Salvation Regime on April 11, 2019. The original stakeholders were the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the military component. The unexpected coup of October 25, 2021 created a third stakeholder which was named FFC – Charter – and now enlarged by other factions after the introduction of Sheikh El-Tayeb El-Jid – an Islamic Sufi sect – initiative. Now calling themselves the National Consensus Alliance (NCA). NCA is completely allying with the military component. NCA includes : Arm Struggle Movements of Dr. Jibril and Minnawi, a faction of SPLM-N headed by Malik Agar and Mubrarak Ardol, some Islamic groups plus the ousted regime die-hards and proponents.
The military component withdrawal is untimely and illogical because:
Firstly: The military component revokced its partnership with the FCC by a military coup which ousted all of the FFC leaders and suspended crucial articles of the agreed upon Constitutional Declaration of August 17, 2019 which signature was witnessed by distinguished Presidents of may African countries. So by the governance vacuum created by the coup before one year to date, the military component is fully responsible to work jointly to resove the present precarious and fragile conditions in Sudan.
Secondly: The coup of October last year failed to govern the country to the extent that there is no government headed by a prime minister for one year. This failure led to catastrophic deterioration on all fronts. Economy continued to worsen, prices of commodities sky-rocketed, gap between exports and imports widened, most private sector industries and trades are working at less than 20% of volumes due to the recession, besic services – powr, water, education and health care are in the worst levels of performance. A series of strikes erupted in almost all sectors. For the first time in the history the traders closed their sales centres in protest against the imposed heavy taxes. Not only this but alarming resurfacing of deadly tribal confrontations in Darfur and Kordofan. The lifeline highway between Port Sudan and Khartoum blocked many times. Also the North lifeline connecting Susan with Egypt was blocked many times.
Thirdly: By this serious deterioration in all aspects which is created by the coup, the military component becomes part and parcel of the crisis and its solution. So, the untimely withdrawal of the military component is unfounded and not acceptable.
The military component is fully responsible of the present dreadful situation in Sudan and should bear the brunt of it and resume in its role to bring the country back to stability. It should consult with non-partisan patriotic elites and scholars as advisory council to look into all numerous initiatives by the warring civilian factions and come up with a pragmatic constitutional document to govern the remaining transitional period. This means forming a non-partisan government and prime minister which excludes all the players of the present clumsy and distorted scene. Nominating one respectable, non-partisan person as head of State with limited and specified duties and authority. The military component to form a High Military Council operating from the Army H.Q. with the specific duty of intervention when safety and security of the country is threatened i.e. a watchdog similar to the UN Security Council.
After only 12 months transitional period, general elections for a President to be conducted. The president-elect to rule for another two years transitional period with two specific duties – preparing a permanent constitution draft and running parliamentary elections. All of this should be the main theme of transitional constitutional document prepared by the military component civilian advisors.
The elected parliament members should pass and adopt the permanent constitution – Presidential or parliamentary -.
This is the only feasible pragmatic and applicable means to break the present impasse.

Omar Abo – Haraz

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