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VP of the Sovereignty Council Meets UNSG Envoy for the Horn of Africa

By: Staff Reporter

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has received in his office at the Republican Palace, today, the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Horn of Africa, Ms. Hanna Serwa Tetteh, in the presence of Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador Dafallah El-Haj and the head of Abyei Joint oversight Committee (AJOC). Maj. Gen. (Eng.) Mohamed Alawi Kuku.
The meeting discussed the situations in Abyei area in the light of the recent moves by the two countries.
VP Dagalo expressed appreciation to the UN efforts in Sudan in general and Abyei area in particular, besides its positive role which could be played to narrow the viewpoints in order to reach an ultimate solution, affirming the importance of communications between Sudan and the UN a matter that eases exchanging the information and recognizing the status in a correct manner, pointing out to the recent joint meeting on Abyei during which it was agreed to continue the dialogue and the formation of joint cooperation mechanisms in both countries to meet every three months towards reaching an ultimate solution.
He concluded that the two countries stressed the importance of joint work on Abyei, urging the regional and international communities to support the endeavors of the two countries in this regard.

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