(AcoGaps) participates in the Regional workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy in Ethiopia

Khartoum: Haffiya Elyas

The African Center for Governance,Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) participated in the Regional validation workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy 2021-2025 in Adama Town- Ethiopia , from 2_4 November 2022 .

AcoGaps is a leading regional organization in the early warning and conflict prevention &Resolution in IGad & Horn of Africa Region

It is worth noting that The Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN) is a bold initiative by the eight IGAD member states (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda) to prevent and mitigate violent conflict in the region.

Rooted in a Protocol, CEWARN’s organizational assumption is that ‘high quality, credible information and analysis on threats to peace and security and appropriate responses, delivered in timely fashion to the right individuals and institutions will lead to quality decisions that increase peace and security in the IGAD region.’ It is one of IGAD’s specialized institutions and a continental benchmark in early warning methodology.

Its structure is uniquely fractal: its membership and action spans the regional, national and local, meaning that it is both focused on structural aspects and ground truth. Since its establishment in 2002, CEWARN has worked with a particular focus on cross-border pastoralist and related conflicts.

The new strategic period though will expand the focus to better serve the region’s peoples in their quest for sustained peace and shared prosperity.

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