Al-Burhan .. Military Messages in the Political Forces Mail

Al-Sammani Awadalla

President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan delivered an important speech while inspecting Hattab Military Base in Northern Khartoum, refuting all the allegations deliberated by the political forces in the recent few weeks.
Al-Burhan managed in his address to send clear messages in the mail of the political forces.
Al-Burhan warned the dissolved National Congress Party and the Islamic movement against counting on the army to bring them back to power.
He hailed the army’s sacrifices to protect the country and preserve its integrity stressing that the army is a national entity that has no loyalty to any political party.
He further alluded to the ongoing consultations with the FFC through the tripartite facilitation mechanism and admitted meeting with some youth of the patriotic forces.
He denounced the continued disputes between the political groups saying that every group sticks to its initiative instead of agreeing with others on one charter.
He vowed to defend his troops and their interests, stressing that he would not allow anybody to speak about the army or give an opinion on it, in allusion to the security reforms that should be part of the negotiations about the transitional civilian government.
In a theatrical gesture he stressed his readiness to protect these positions and pointed to his arm adding “My gun is loaded with bullets.”
Through his strong messages to the Islamists, and the pro-democracy forces, the army chief intended to reassure his troops that they are stand at the same distance from the political forces.
He also sent a message to the Sudanese Islamists who challenged him a week ago saying they would stop, even by force, any process that would bring the FFC groups back to power, adding that that National Congress Party ruled for 30 years which is enough.
Al-Burhan affirmed that any party which desire to join the political process is welcomed to bring the county out of its crisis, reiterating that the Sudanese Armed Forces are not leaning to the Islamic Movement or the National Congress party (NCP) or the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP).
He concluded that the Sudanese Armed Forces are supporting the aspirations of the Sudanese people and that three years without government is enough.

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