Climate World Cup!

Muawad Rashid

I went through a master piece written by the Sudanese popular environmental specialist, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Feelabi and published in Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed Arabic Magazine under the above title.
For the benefit or our esteemed readers I’ll try to hereunder to summarize what he wrote:

“There is a big difference between the FIFA World Cup which is an international association football competition contested by a senior men’s national teams of the members of the sport’s governing body – which people around the globe are expecting every four years to enjoy the scoring of the goals – and COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh which was the 27th United nations Climate Change Conference held from 6th to 20th November without achieving any of the goals that protect the lives of millions in our planet.
There are goals that represent to the fans of soccer a moment of enjoyment which could be remembered for years, such as the goal which was called (Hand of God) scored by Argentinian great Diego Maradona against England in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup which he could not repeat with the VAR application of these days.
It is apparent that the developments in reviewing the decisions is continuous in soccer competition while we failed in improving the techniques of stopping the climate deterioration
The UNSG is raising in COP27 the (White card) as if he is trying to heal the injuries of the globe, as he affirmed the confidence between the North and the South and between the growing and emerging economies is declining, adding that this is not the time for blaming because this will lead to mutual destruction, concluding his address to the leaders of the globe by saying that the whole world is monitoring and has a simple message (Implement Your Pledges).
It is known that the pledges of providing US$100 billion annually are not fulfilled despite the passing of two years ahead of the final date of fulfilling the pledges.
There was a famous saying of Muslim Scholar Mohamed Mutwali Al-Sharawi : “It is strange in the issue of sphere that its people when playing they transform the serious rules to play and leave the serious issues without rules”.
Just image one unified scream by millions inside the stadium is coupled with millions of screams in front of the TV screens when one of the players score an illegal goal which the referee did not recognize as in this case he will respond to the pressure of the fans and reconsider his decision by using the serious rule in the playing (VAR).
But in our daily practices we cannot confront the convoys of trucks full-loaded by the timber of a whole forest especially if those trucks are belonging to an official institution, despite our knowledge that this practice is considered a destruction to the environmental system and that will result to natural disasters sooner or later.
Africa produces only 4% of the gases that cause the global warming despite it included 17% of the population of the globe, but it is more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The African pay a high price from the present and the future of their countries due to the greediness and the non-commitment of the rich countries.
A recent study issued by the World bank said that the events related to the climate will pressure on more than 132 million people in the clutches of poverty around the world.
I am sure that more than 50% of the above number are waiting the enjoy the goals to be scored in the World Cup.

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