Communist Party and the Two Movements

Omer Abou-Haraz

Omer B. Abu Haraz

The Communist Party (CP), and two Arm Struggle Movements are steadfastly against any settlement between the Army and the original incubator of the December 2018 revolution – Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) -. The two movements are: Sudan People Liberation Movement- North (SPLM-N) led by Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) led by Abdulwahid Mohamed Nur.
The CP is the oldest Sudanese political party. It was established in the mid-forties of last century under the name of The Anti-Colonization Front (ACF). Since that time to date the CP was/is the target of combatting by all regimes which ruled Sudan being democratic or autocratic.
During colonization era (1898 – 1956) the CP activities were clandestine . The CP surfaced up in the arena after independence and was recognized as a political party. It participated in all 5 elections – 1953 , 1958, 1965, and 1986.
In 1965 elections CP won 11 out of 15 seats of the graduates constituencies.
1965 election were run on 228 seats. The Umma Party got 92 and its rival National Unionist Party won 68, Southern Sudan parties won 17, Islamic Charter Front 5, People Democratic Party (Khatmiya Sect) 3, and 37 independents.
In these elections of 1965 the CP was subject to unfounded allegation that one of its members – a student in the University of Khartoum – had openly insulted the wife of Prophet Mohamed. The student proved to be non-communist.
However, in a malicious alliance the Umma Party, National Unionist Party and Islamic Front managed to cast a vote banning the CP and expelling its 11 MPs. It was a sad, unfortunate and deep injury to the nascent civilian democratic rule. It opened the way for a series of military coups which ruled Sudan for 55 years out of the 66 years after independence.
After the success of December 2018 popular revolution and the ousting of the Islamic Salvation regime, the CP was secluded from negotiations with the military component by some parties of the FFC, namely as singled out by CP – Umma Party, Sudanese Congress Party, Unionist Alliance and Baath.
Since that time the CP withdrew from FFC and split the coherent Alliance of Sudanese Professional (ASP) which led the revolution against the salvation regime. Since September 2013 uprising to December 2018 revolution.
Now the CP is the prime mover of the streets demonstrations through its influence on the Resistance Committees (RCs). The RCs continuous and massive demonstrations are the main reason for the failure of October 25th, 2021 coup to form a government.
Now the CP is maintaining a hard line discourse rejecting almost all initiatives to resolve the current impasse.
The two Arm Struggle movements – SPLM-N (South Kordofan) and SLM (Darfur) led by Al-Hilu and Abdulwahid respectively are aligning with the CP in its stance. They boycotted the Juba Peace Agreement of October 2020. They believe that the December 2018 revolution in its present spectrum will not achieve their ultimate goal of New Sudan.
I call upon the CP and the two movements (SPLM-N and SLM) to relax some of their demands and join hands with the international tripartite mechanism and the quadruple alliance of America, UK, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their efforts to broker a settlement between the original FFC as the basis of the Constitutional Darft prepared by the Sudanese Bar Association (SBA) which is now looking for a bigger support by factions of the December 2018 revolution to counteract the endeavors of the ousted regime relics and some of the Islamic hardline group. The international mechanism and the quadruple alliance are putting enormous pressure on the military component which started to give-in positively.
It is high time for the CP and the two movements to come onboard and give a needed impetus to staggering settlement.

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