Daglo addresses closing session of meetings of intelligence services in Lakes region

The Vice President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, praised the results and recommendations of the 17th meeting of the Regional Coordinating Committee of the directors and heads of the security agencies in the Great Lakes region.
During his address to the meeting, Lieutenant General Dagalo, praised the results and recommendations came out by the closing session today at the Higher Security Academy in Khartoum, commening the good spirit and seriousness that prevailed in the meetings, calling on everyone to follow this approach in discussing issues and files of interest to the region.
He pointed to the effect of the challenges at all local, regional and international levels and their  direct impact on African societies, adding: “This joint session constitutes a good opportunity to reach results that enable the region to besiege the problems and obstacles that surround it, in order to achieve common goals.”
Daglo touched on the development the world witnessing, which made the challenges intercontinental, a matter that necessitates high cooperation between all countries to work in accordance with high coordination to face all threats and to define appropriate measures that enable everyone to remove these threats from the African countries and regions.
He asserted that the intelligence services are the tip of the spear for early detection of threats and taking the necessary measures to limit them and besiege their effects, which imposes on all the great responsibility that requires high preparation and training of its employees and arming them with the latest technologies to confront the challenges represented in terrorism, human trafficking, illegal immigration and other crimes.
Daglo has renewed Sudan’s confidence in the capabilities of the Coordinating Committee in the Lakes region, indicating that Sudan is looking forward to doubling work, intensifying joint efforts, exchanging experiences and information, and addressing any dangers threatening the peoples of the Lakes countries and African countries in general.
He pointed out that Sudan has challenges that it has been striving to address through agreement among all Sudanese that lead to free and fair elections, establishing the foundations of the state and benefiting from the resources that Sudan abounds with

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