Environmental Media

Muawad Rashid

Media is considered one of the fundamental tools in preserving environment. The environmental awareness, acquiring knowledge and transforming it depend on the readiness of the people in reacting with it in spreading the new values on protecting the environment and the calls for abandoning the harmful behaviors.
The importance of environmental media to the people comes from the fact that it is an essential factor in finding the environmental awareness and spreading the concept of sustainable development.
The qualitative shift in the swift flow and exchanging information related to environment and development contributed considerably in increasing the environmental awareness and the problems of environment.
The word (environment) was not known to the media outlets in the fortieth or fiftieth in our Arab world, but it started occupying the broad lines of the press columns in the sixtieth and seventieth of last century.
The various media outlets started giving more attention to the environment issues and natural disasters in the ninetieth following the disaster of the Soviet nuclear reactor in Chernobyl.
The term (environment) has become synonymous with the media just like the terms (water) and Earth) as they are two sides of one coin.
The environmental media is considered a new specialization with started growing in the seventieth. The term is a combination if two concepts i.e. media and environment. Media is the trustworthy and objective tool for publishing the news and realities in a way that helps in creating a correct public opinion according to the realities’ contents. .
Environment is the space in which a person lives on land, water and air and its impact on his life.
It is high time for the concerned authorities to work out a plan to address and deal with the issue in a way that makes all the social categories effectives and positive in preserving environment
It is unfortunate that the environmental media doesn’t have the aspired consideration from media men and that is because the specialization in science is relatively new among the too many other specializations.
The nature of an environment problems does not make a scoop unless it is related to a disaster or heavy damages.
It goes without saying that media can report and educate people about certain forces and activities that adversely affect our environment.
Media educates people about their roles in changing society through certain events an laud programs. It helps to know how people can contribute towards environmental protection and sustainability and build healthy environment.
One of the good omens is the launching of Be’ati Organization which means My Environment) under the slogan (Environment Needs more than Just Solidarity) with several objectives on top of which is to create a pressing force towards considering the environment and human being as the basis of the decision-making process besides developing the policies aiming at the advancement of society and strengthening of its steadfastness.
The new-born organizations desrve all possible support from all concerned public and private institutions, NGOs, civil society organizations and the people themselves.
I conclude by affirming that environmental awareness is essential at all levels considering that it is the only way to achieve the required compatibility, harmony and balance.

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