Food Security .. Challenges and Solutions

In the wake of the global food crisis, the whole world is giving more attention to Sudan to provide the innovative solutions to meet the local and international demand for food
No doubt the global food crisis is severe and is affecting poorer countries a matter that requires taking urgent action to solve the food security challenges caused by geopolitical conflict.
Accordingly, there should be policies to boost investment and countries should put in place strong policies that will help them to attract investments from their own citizens and foreigners.

ACIPS Takes the Lead
The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition has organized a discussion session title (The Present Situation of the Food Security, Challenges, Opportunities and growth scenarios.
The session was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Darfur Region Government in the presence of the secretary-general of the ministry, experts, researchers and media outlets personnel.
The Minister affirmed his ministry’s concern in developing the food security through providing support to the agricultural pastoral sectors considering that most of the inhabitants in the region are farmers and shepherds as elements of stability in the region, emphasizing the importance of topping the food security to enable people depend on their production to avoid dependence on relief and to involve the people in production instead of being IDPs.
The Minister called for linking the food security with the peace issue and the justice in resources’ distribution.
He hailed the role of The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition in boosting the illumination, providing the technical support and capacity-building. He urged the Center to exert more efforts especially activities in the states.
For his part, the Director General of The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition, Dr. Mahmoud Zain Al-Abdeen stressed the promising role of the Minister of Agriculture in Darfur Region in improving the food security, production and improving the means of living conditions.
He added that this discussion session aims at activating brainstorming to support the efforts in boosting the food security, self-sufficiency, fighting poverty and hunger for the sake of achieving sustainable stability; besides strengthening cooperation, coordination and partnership amidst the concerned authorities to upgrade the effectiveness and reducing missing the opportunities.
He affirmed that the regional and international competition over Sudan is increasing to deal with the food shortages due to the present international food crisis.
The session also aimed at presenting innovative solutions to cope the local and international demand for food.
Experts suggest that enormous challenges including the lack of finance and legislations besides the weakness of main infrastructure, conflicts over lands and the security conditions in some states; added to that the weakness of the institutional infrastructure, marketing and the shortcomings in agricultural guidance.
The participants in the session called for strengthening the cooperatives and production societies besides capacity-building for the workers in the agriculture and animal wealth sectors, with consideration to the food security diplomacy and water engineering as new means to bridge the financial gaps.

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