Great China

Mohammed Saad Kamel

It is a big hoax from the Western media when it implanted in our minds that China is a poor state suffering from internal problems and repressive policy etc. of what the western media insist to promote around the world.
Based on my experience with the Western media and my recognition that it practices misinformation and lies towards any country which does not cope with their policies; I was sure that all what is said about China is just defamation.
When I visited China I became surer about those defamations. I am writing as an eye witness, China is one of the most beautiful and great states in the globe in all aspects being political or in economy or social.
It is definite that the deep-rooted Chinese civilization has it clear impact on the ongoing development in all aspects. A nation with such deep-rooted civilization in such a vast area in Eastern Asia has its enormous traditions and norms in the different areas including the rural areas.
Of the most important components of the Chinese civilization we find the literature, music, art and culture, self-defence, food, religion etc. bearing in mind the population of the country which is inching to 1.5 billion.
It is apparent that China benefited from such diversity to make the country in a leading position among the great nations.
It was not enough for China to promote the domestic development as the Chinese President XI Jinping idea about the joint development is the base of deaing with the rest of the world along with respecting the internal affairs of others.
Now China International Import Expo 2022 which took place in Shanghai is but a prove about the intention of China towards the globe.
The China International Import Expo we saw several huge companies from different countries participation in order to expand the trade and mutual benefits for all a matter that proves that the Chinese people are great nation.

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