Obfuscation Continues

Osman Mergani

The tripartite mechanism said that the Sudanese parties (Forces of Freedom and Change – the Central Council – and the military component) asked for facilitating a new political process after they agreed on a draft constitution document presented by the Sudanese Bar Association as a platform for open dialogue with other parties.
According the tripartite mechanism started bilateral meetings with some political components to build consensus over the draft constitution document prior the formation of the Sovereignty Council the cabinet and the legislative council.
The question that poses itself is who will rule the country in the absence of those bodies considering that the process will take some time.
It is apparent that the two parties i.e. FFC and military component agreed that the l situation remains as it is now till completing the political process .
The inevitable question remains when the military component announced its commitment to get away from the political process on July 4th 2022 wasn’t it wiser for the civilian components to take over first and bring out the military from the political equation?
The expected answer is that the FFC do not trust the military component, and here another question poses itself which is what is new now to trust the military component?
The political process which was announced by the tripartite mechanism is based on the acceptance of the military component of the Bar Association constitutional document, so this makes the military component trusted, but isn’t it possible that the military component is planning during this time to prepare for involving in the process and make the transitional period longer?
Answering the above questions is necessary to prove the series of mistakes since the success of the revolution is valid, considering that the political mentality has not changed and the ecision-making is still defected in some of its important aspects.

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