Playing in Favour of Military Component

Osman Mergani

I have no doubt that the disputed civilian components are playing in favour of the military component. As an evidence the statement of the President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan on July 4th 2022 was very clear that the military component decided to quit the governance and the political arena, then he followed that by dissolving the Sovereignty Council and announcing that the military component will not be part of any political negotiations.
Instead of moving forward and accomplishing the hand over process, the civilian component started throwing the smoke bombs as the FFC (central Council) and the FFC (National Consensus) are on opposite sides towards the withdrawal of the military component from the political scene.
In short the linger two wings of the FFC means that the military component will not face a real test to prove his commitment to quit the governance and politics.
Accordingly, the military component found itself mounting the days and months to spend four months since the date of announcing its quitting the governance and still ruling without any disturbance.
Even if we assume that there will be a political settlement it will give more time to the military component to rule.
The constitutional document of the Sudanese Bar Association is still open to those who want to join and this might around two months to be redrafted at a time when Sudan is facing an imminent civil war, international isolation and economic collapse.
I am sure that the military and the civil components will wake up at the time when the train of the settlement has passed the settlement station.

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