Saudi Arabia Takes the Lead

Mohammed Saad Kamel

The enormous challenges and the geopolitical changes besides imposing the economic wars and the sanctions which are taking place nowadays necessitates reshaping the existing world order through the formation of giant economic blocs and institutions, especially in the Eastern states which won the international factories, production, power, gas, arable lands and water.

As an indicator to those changes China and Russia welcomed the joining of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to BREXIT considering that Saudi Arabia is a force to be reckoned with in terms of energy and economy in the globe.

Also within the current successive circumstance and events the Arab Summit with take place in Algeria to discuss several issues on top of which is providing support to the Palestinian issue ad the Arab Food Security.

The Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs have approved the recommendation of Sudan Initiative for Arab Food Security and increasing the Arab investments in Sudan to achieve the food security strategy and activating the joint Arab cooperation.

In this regard the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed Bin Salman has issued a decree according to which 5 regional companies were formed under the sponsorship of the Saudi General Investment Fund  targeting 5 countries including Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain with a capital of 80 billion Saudi Riyals (US$24 million) in main infrastructure, agriculture, minerals, food processing.

To boost the partnerships a summit which will include the Saudi Crown Prince and the Chinese President  besides other Chinese summit with the leaders of Gulf States to discuss the cooperation and partnership in energy, food security, trade, economic issues, Belt and  Road Initiative,  and the huge investments.

All these will be discussed in complete understandings and mutual interests without intervention in other countries internal affairs.

It is expected that those summits will be successful. The success of Algeria summit will witness enforcing the Palestinian factions’ reconciling and the unprecedented reconciliation between Qatar and Egypt, besides working for the stability in each of Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Lebanon along activating the Arab league to cope with the international changes.

For the first time the Arab citizens feel that there is hope and I with from the Saudi government to continues its noble policies to retake its leading position amid the Arab countries.

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