Sudan affirms keenness on success of IGAD plans and programs

Khartoum – The Chairman of the Technical Committee of the The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Chairman of the opening session, Ambassador Hassan Abdul Salam, emphasized the Sudan’s keenness and concern on the success of the IGAD programs and plans, welcoming during his address today on the occasion of the start of the ministerial meetings with the participants, wishing them a good stay in Sudan.

Ambassador Hassan Abdul Salam reiterated that Sudan is honored to chair the expert meetings in preparation for the regular session of the Council of Ministers, indicating that the issues to be discussed are very important and related to the developments taking place in the region, expressing confidence that the contributions of the members will enrich and enhance the meeting’s outputs and recommendations.

He indicated that the IGAD organization is young and effective, and despite its great responsibilities, it continued to expand in growth and lived through difficult circumstances, he asserted that the role of the IGAD member states is to strengthen its mechanisms and capabilities to ensure its success with clear visions to achieve the aspirations and interests of the peoples of the region.

Ambassador Hassan Abdul Salam added: “IGAD continued to move from one achievement to another, and dealt with several issues, including economic integration and refugee affairs, and its efforts include all member states, but the road ahead is still long.”

Regaring the region peace and security, he pointed to the progress made in Somalia and South Sudan, and the efforts are still being made to achieve peace and security in the region, and the recent cessation of hostilities between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray Front.

Ambassador Abdul Salam asserted in his address the IGAD cannot ignore the humanitarian issues, and the health and disasters issues, pointing out to the strategy and disaster response center, on which the IGAD reacted to the disastrous results of the Corona pandemic, indicating that the strategy developed by the IGAD to confront Corona covered more than two million people.

He stress that IGAD adopted policies for economic integration, saying: “Despite the progress made in this aspect, such as regional trade for the IGAD region, integration with other organizations, and the holding of sectoral meetings to enhance cooperation among member states, IGAD is still lagging behind in this aspect, which requires a lot of efforts and reinforcements.”

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