The Role of Youth in Peace, Development and Political Participation

By : Muawad Rashid

The Fist African youth Summit kicked off at the H.Q. of the African Union on 29th October 2022. The three-day summit has brought together youth from African countries as well as former African Heads of State and Government to share their immense wealth of experience and wisdom on Pan-Africanism.
It goes without saying that the African youth need to play a vital role in shaping the continent’s future. Africa is faced today with multiple, socio-economic, political and security challenges. Poverty, poor governance and corruption have continued to challenge the continent in a very insidious manner.
It is , therefore, high time African worked to address these challenges and the youth have the lion’s share in this regard. The youth should also know that they have responsibilities to secure the interest of the continent in the years to come. Empowering and educating the youth will allow African to challenge the existing status quo, tangibility, variables, and problems.
Therefore, a platform like this African Youth Summit is designed to bridge Africa’s past experience with its future leaders and to keep Pan-Africanism high on the agendas.
Building upon the founding forefathers of Africa, this summit envisions to become an important continental platform to acquaint the continent with the ideals of Pan-African Leadership.
The African Union is to be commended for the several human development policies and programmes it established at continental level.
As far as Sudan is concerned, the youth have a great role in achieving stability in the country after years of bloody conflicts. It is very important to guarantee their positive participation in the projects of security, boosting peace and sustainable development. But it is recognized that the participation of youth in this regard is very little especially those living in the areas which are suffering from armed conflicts such as Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile. We believe that activating the youth role represents a considerable support to achieve peace and development through opening dialogues over the issues of our current stage.
It is impossible for the Sudanese youth to provide their innovations and future perceptions without allowing for more freedoms. Our youth deserve enjoying the maximum freedoms, not because it is their right, but because the freedoms provide better conditions for development and stability.
The decisive element in the formula of the revolution’s course is subject to the durability of the youth and their ability to overcome all the attempts of circumventing the revolution by internal or external factors.

It is high time for the government to adapt a clear strategy aiming at protecting the youth from the risks of the bloody tribal clashes. The government should work out an emergency plan to accommodate the youth in the decision-making institutions and in the implementation of the national. The government should work hard in the upgrading the capacity-building of the youth besides instilling confidence and national values on them.

In this regard I propose the following:
Considering the participation of the youth in governance, democratic process, effective participation in decision-making process.
Consideration of the positive discrimination by availing more opportunities to the youth living in conflict areas.
Establishment of more vocational institutes and high technical polytechnics to encourage youth to cope with the latest technologies.
Providing comfortable housing to the student from the states other than Khartoum.
Promoting the peaceful coexistence and tolerance.
Supporting the rights of people of special needs.

In this historical stage of our history it is important to give special interest of youth issues more than any other time.
It is important to place the youth in their deserved position to enable them contribute their views in a democratic process.

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