The Significance of the Silk Road

By : Mohamed saad

The Silk Road is a future the trade exchange will promote trade confidence very important project for African countries in general, and Sudan in particular. Sudan will benefit from this Silk Road according to its location on the Red Sea. In the with China will witness a great development as the Silk Road will play a crucial role in reviving trade activities between Khartoum and Beijing and encourages the two sides to share common interests and benefits as the Silk Road between the two countries.The trade relations between Sudan and China, which are based on mutual interest, are witnessing rapid increase in all aspects. China. represents an important means for trade exchange in the upcoming future, because the trade relations between Sudan and China began to flourish within the progress in the bilateral Africa. relations, but the trade situation will totally differ when the Silk Road becomes a reality. Silk Road project will change the situation from tradition phenomena to the modern, especially in the trade relations between Sudan and China as well as African continent and Silk Road project The future is closer to the China’s friends especially the African people and Arab who will be encouraged to create a strategic partnership in the field of economy and other projects concerning Central Asia

The Silk Road is a dream of the Africans and Arabs because it meets their aspirations. It will contribute more and push the progress in the trade relations between Sudan and China and it considered the way of creating the level of strategic partnership.

The Silk Road represents a golden opportunity for Sudan because it has passed the Red Sea where it assists in reviving trade activity and makes the Red Sea ports more active through ships which cross these ports on

the Red Sea.

The idea ofthe Silk Road is right and it comes in an appropriate time from the People’s Republic of China because it is known that the Silk Road is important so tht China wants to reactivate it, considering that the world has been witnessing a remarkable development in trade exchange.

The Silk Road is considered the strong link between the third world developing countries and also promotes South-South

cooperation aiming at creating alliance among those countries and finding an effective solution to face an economic problems and challenges facing the third world developing countries in general and Sudan in particular.

The Silk Road is a connecting link which makes cooperation and integration between China and the Third World very strong in confronting the common economic challenges.

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