Urgent Army Role

Omer Abu- Haraz
The situation of Sudan now beyond doubt is very precarious and dreadful. All efforts to bring the warring factions of the arena to any low level of consensus failed. The gaps between the political groups are widening by the hour. The odds of the spiraling of the crisis out of control are high. This in turn will very soon lead to slipping of Sudan into chaos an deadly confrontations in the towns including the capital Khartoum.
To circumvent this slipping scenario, two requisites must be met. One is very urgent and the other is in medium term.
Urgent measures:
Imposition of martial laws forthwith that start by a long curfew for one week between 6 P.M. to 6 A.M., followed by a reduced curfew for 3 weeks between 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. Thirdly a one month curfew from 12 midnight to 6 A.M.
In the first two long curfews massive crack-down by joint forces of police, army and Rapid Support Forces on areas of the organized crimes perpetrators to apprehend all dangerous gangsters and keep them in prisons and high security camps far away from the city centers. In the two months of curfew security-safety of citizens will prevail.
After the two months of strict marital laws the situation will e conducive to appointing a highly qualified civilian government of a charismatic competent prime minister and a cabinet of non-partisan political technocrats.
The prime minister and his cabinet should start their tenure by the re-engagement with the IMF, the World Bank and the global financial institutions to re-open the fruitful channels created by first revolutionary government of Dr. Hamdok. Channels also put Sudan on the ladder of the HIPC Un programme which led to the writing-off Sudan’s foreign debts.
All of the channels created by the government of Hamdok were immediately closed because of the unfortunate coup of October 25th, 2021.
The second and most urgent duty of the council of ministers is to issue decrees banning all conventional mining of individuals and cancelling all concessions and licenses of individuals. The contract should assume full control on gold mining, processing, and exports.
Global big mining companies to be invited and allowed to work in mining under strict regulations that allow the government to always have the upper hand on this activity.
The third task of the government is to revitalize the dormant government council of Gum Arabic. Start of regulating Gum Arabic activity should be stoppage of raw Gum Arabic export for one year. Inviting specialized international companies to establish industries of processing Gum Arabic and adding at least 80% value before export.
The fourth task of the government is call for tenders for the preparation of feasibility studies on:
Rehabilitation of Gezira Scheme
Seed oil mills.
Cotton gunning factories.
Spinning and weaving factories of cotton.
Vegetable and fruit cleaning, grading and packing plants in the different localities of Sudan.
Leather tanneries and meat processing.
Rehabilitation projects of infrastructure revitalization of Sudan railways, Sudan Airways, Sudan Shipping Line, River Transport, Sea Ports and Road Transport.
All of the feasibility studies offer competition within one year to be sent to all embassies of Sudan around the world to be presented to huge multi-national companies for bidding on the basis of the BOOT system (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer)
All of the above proposed steps of deliverance of Sudan from the present dreadful condition can only be achieved by patriotic, honest and competent politicians fully supported by the gallant Sudanese Army leaders and commander-in-chief General Burhan who sent very important strong messages in his address to operation troops on November 6 (two days ago). His messages are strong and unequivocal and rebutted all unfounded allegations against the army.

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