Morocco is the hope of Africa and all Arabs in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Al-Sammani Awadalla

It is no secret that the positive results achieved by the Moroccan national team, the representative of Africa, in the World Cup competitions taking place in Qatar, achieved unprecedented success in organizing this tournament, proving that the Arabs with a will, determination, and capabilities are capable of achieving the impossible.

by the same the Moroccan national team has proven beyond any doubt their ability, Africans and the Arabs, to make the impossible possible, as Morocco managed to eliminate giants teams with world-top-class football stars.

competing in Doha, the Moroccans eliminated the Spanish national team from the quarter-finals, despite many throwing their money on the Spanish to advance considering several football stars within the Spanish squad. However, the Atlantic Lions proved that they are a force to be reckoned with and raised Africa and the Arab stars in this Competition after their Arab and African representatives crash out of the competition.

Morocco’s victory over Spain brought them face-to-face with the Portugal national team, which includes the most expensive soccer players in the world, such as Ronaldo and others. But once again they took the world by surprise to defeat Portugal to make it to the semi-finals in Qatar among the big four.

Next, Morocco will face France in the semi-finals, who are also considered favorites for the title, especially since they are the winners of the last championship. But, with the same ambition and motivation, the Moroccan lions can swallow the French roosters and qualify for the final and hopefully emerge as victors in the end.

A financial prize for Morocco for qualifying for the semi-finals

The Moroccan national team secured a huge financial reward of “25” million dollars, after reaching, for the first time in its history, the semi-finals of the “2022” FIFA World Cup, from the Federation of International Football Associations.

The Moroccan national team detonated a heavy-caliber surprise by eliminating Portugal from the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup “2022”, defeating them “1-0” last Saturday at “Al-Thumama” stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha, to enter history as the first Arab and African nation to reach the top four of the World Cup.

Morocco received “9” million dollars as a result of participating in the group stage of the World Cup “2022,” and “17” million dollars for reaching the quarter-finals, securing 25 million dollars by qualifying for the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup “2022”, from FIFA.

The reward is the largest received by an Arab team in the history of the World Cup after FIFA decided to allocate the largest financial prizes ever during the Qatar World Cup finals.

It is noteworthy that the Federation of International Football Associations “FIFA” decided to grant the champion of the World Cup “Qatar 2022” the largest financial reward in the history of the tournament in the region of 42 million dollars.

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