The Requirements of the Military Component

Osmani Mergani

It the military component is asked about his best wishes, the answer will be that what the civilian component meets their demands. The issue has nothing to do with the power or the Republican Palace; but it is how to convince the Sudanese people that the political game is not able to run the country without the military component.
It is agreed upon that the democratic bloc which is a recognized political force is loudly calling for the continuation of the partnership with the military component claiming that the latter is qualified enough to guarantee the implementation of Juba Peace Agreement signed on October 2020. As for the other group which signed the Framework Agreement i.e. Forces of Freedom and Change (Central Council) they are calling for bringing an end to the partnership with the military component, while at the same time it is working to strengthen it!.
When 1st Lt. Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan announced in his address of 4th July 2022 that the military component will exit from the Republican Palace and the political scene, and the formation of the Supreme Military Council, he was serious to the extent of dissolving he civilian component from the Sovereignty Council. After three weeks his Deputy. 1st lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo issued a statement in which he affirmed their commitment towards the withdrawal of the military component from power and the integration of the Rapid Supports Forces in the Sudanese Armed Forces.
The military component kept repeating its commitment to withdraw from the political scene, while the civilian as still since last July are discussing on whether the military component is honest and serious or not without testing that practically, a matter which confused the political scene since then.
The above scene in general is but an evidence that the civilian forces, knowingly or unknowingly, is imposing on the military component to continue in the partnership.

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