The Right Direction

Mohammed Saad Kamel

At last and after the transformation that dominated the globe, emerged historical summits to cement the course of the Arab States towards the right direction to guarantee the advancement and renaissance for all Arabs afar from the traditional axes which endeavored to segregation among the Arabs.
The history will record those summits with golden lines as it included historical decisions to serve the mutual benefits with the People’s Republic of China which is considered the largest economy in the globe and the biggest producers and exporter to all parts of the world.
President Jinping affirmed their rejection to Islam Phobia or linking terrorism with any ethnicity or religion, confirming China’s support to establishment of the Palestinian State on 1967 borders with Quds as its capital city.
The most important decisions of the summit is the strengthening of the mutual cooperation represented by the Road and Belt Initiative which is a strategic developmental path to develop the main infrastructure in the sea ports in several countries in Asia, Africa and Europe to link the joint benefits amid the people and countries, besides endeavoring to find commercial blocs and economic partnerships within the current speedy regional, international and geopolitical challenges.
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince, Mohamed Bin Salman affirmed that the Arab will compete in terms of revival again and will prove that. This indicated the confidence of the leader of the future vison of the Arab Nation and not only the kingdom of Saudi Arabia a matter that proves his wisdom and rationality.

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