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Sudanese political and social forces welcome Cairo’s call for dialogue (Sudanese Sudanese)

A symposium was held in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, Monday, entitled “Cairo Call – Sudanese / Sudanese Dialogue, the Repercussions of the Crisis and the Possibility of Comprehensive National Accord and National Reconciliation”, to discuss the Egyptian call for a Sudanese / Sudanese Dialogue within the framework of Egypt’s keenness on the success of the framework agreement and the ongoing political process in Sudan, by expanding The base of participation from the Sudanese forces and parties in order to achieve the greatest degree of the desired national consensus, and then ensure the stability of the next transitional period

Many representatives of the Sudanese political and societal forces participated in the symposium. The participants welcomed the Egyptian call for a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue to achieve national consensus in Sudan, in light of Egypt’s familiarity with the components and concerns of the Sudanese society and the challenges it faces, noting that this call did not come as late as some claim. It aims, in its entirety, to make the ongoing political process in Sudan a success, by creating an appropriate environment for bringing the views of the Sudanese parties closer together.

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