The True Image of Stability in Sudan, the 40th edition of the Khartoum International Trade Fair.

Stable and Promising Sudan; Ambassadors tour freely, in Khartoum and the states, US public diplomacy, Indian economic diplomacy, Kenya Tea forum, and more.


There is a big difference between the image of Sudan in the international media and the actual image in reality.

Sudan is witnessing the Golden Jubilee of the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets this month, January 2023, which coincides with the largest economic and trade event in Sudan, the 40th edition of the Khartoum International Trade Fair.
Germany, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia participate in the exhibition. Many other countries also participate in the event through their major companies. The exhibition is an African international trade event and not just a Sudanese one.
Also, the political arena has recently witnessed the signing of the framework agreement and subsequently the Egyptian initiative. It is possible to explain to this competition that all friends of Sudan realize that the final solution is near, and therefore they support the final settlement, each in their own way.
US Ambassador to Khartoum, John Godfrey, also continues rounds of public diplomacy, and public opinion has recently turned attention to his tour in the northern state, visiting archaeological and heritage sites and famous traditional characters.
This tour and the previous visits of the US Ambassador to other provinces confirm that Sudan is a stable country with great hopes for settlement and peace.
The Indian-Sudanese Business Council was inaugurated shortly before the Khartoum International Fair. The inauguration of the Council, which was honored by Indian Ambassador BS Mubarak, was preceded by a series of Indian cultural and trade events, including visiting delegations from India, business people, artists, and dance and music bands.
Last year there were many other activities such as the Kenyan Tea Forum and the opening of the Kenya Airways office after being closed for years.
SUNA said Khartoum International Fair’s 40th session will witness the participation of more than 18 countries and more than 500 local and international companies.
The opening of the Khartoum International Fair coincides with the Golden Jubilee of the company and the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of its establishment.
The Director General of the SFZ Company Dr. Al-Fateh Awad said to the agency the 40th session will be an economic social festival, a huge investment forum for both local and international businessmen, and the display of the states’ products.
Last year, during the 39th session, Dr. Al-Fateh explained to media issues related to global changes and the current food crisis, and the possible role of Sudan, “we need to show the stability in Sudan and the country’s business opportunities”, Dr. Al-Fateh said.
The Khartoum International Fair is an important business event and a forum for businessmen, companies, and foreign investors to meet, negotiate deals and even reach agreements and establish partnerships.

Amb BS Mubarak lights candles in one of the many events, India has very strong ties with Sudan
US Amb John Godfrey picking some dates in Northern State
US Amb John Godfrey in his tour in the Northern State, paid visit to one of the most famous traditional cafés (Um Al-Hasan)
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