TSC Vice-President pledges to pursue unruly groups and outlaws

The Vice-President of  the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo affirmed the government is  determined  to pursue the unruly groups  and outlaws who were behind  the regretful  incidents  that occurred  in some areas  in Belail Locality , calling for cooperation  with  security organs  to put an end  to the chaos and impunity.

Addressing people of   Taisha area  in South Darfur State  yesterday, the TSC Vice –President  expressed thanks and appreciation  to  the people of the area for hosting  the Belail areas  displaced people  who were subjected to heinous  attack last week in  which their homes were burned and their properties  were looted  and that forced them to displaced to the surrounding areas.

Daglo stressed necessity of renouncing the regionalism and tribalism and to adhere to values of Islam which calls for unity , love  and knowing each other.

He indicated to importance of dealing  decisively  and aaccording to the law with the perpetrators , referring to importance ol implementation of Juba  Peace Agreement that stipulates  achievement of peace in all Darfur States.

 He said despite of signing the Agreement and its came into effect but there are still  insecurity  that harms the peace process, calling for adherence with the Agreement as it represents the pillar of development, stability and security.  

The TSC Vice-President said the government would exert its utmost efforts to restore life at such areas to its normalcy.

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