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Daglo: My friends and I signed the framework agreement and we will not back down from it (just in front)

Daglo: My friends and I signed the framework agreement and we will not back down from it (just in front)
Khartoum: 7-2-2023
Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, reiterated that the framework agreement is the way out of the country’s crisis, and affirmed his commitment to implementing it, in terms of a covenant he made with others, and that the covenant was responsible.
During his address to the leaders and symbols of the North Bahri region, on Monday, His Excellency called for the necessity of adhering to the unity of Sudan, preserving it from fragmentation and rupture, and adhering to covenants and covenants, through the implementation of the framework agreement, which a large number agreed to write and then look at its results, calling on the signatories not to He broke their vows, and added, “We adhere to it and are not hypocrites,” indicating that this agreement found regional and international support, especially the Gulf states. Daglo explained that the parties to the framework agreement were specific, and that he did not participate in defining them and found them ready – according to him -, and indicated He indicated that there was another document in the drawers that had not been announced, and it was signed by those who described them as wanting to evade the agreement, indicating that he was among the signatories to the document, and pointed out that he was present in the state of West Darfur, when the arrangements for the parties and the framework agreement program were made, indicating that he stipulated Those who arranged for the agreement should not back down. He added (I found the issue ready, even the parties to the agreement, and I found them written and ready, and I told them not to plan. They said before, I told them before, today, and tomorrow before, but we will not back down from the framework agreement). We all signed it) and said the country will not be stable with the continuation of the status quo. He added (we have not been able to form a government for 13 months) and added (the people who say the parties to the framework agreement are simple are the ones who wrote the agreement) and indicated that the change of October 25 there was an agreement to expand participation, but the matter changed since The announcement of the statement, and he pointed out that since the announcement of the statement, everyone went in a different direction, pointing out that the way out is the framework agreement, lamenting the current situation in which the state has been unable to pay salaries so far.
The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council called for speeding up the formation of the government, in order to move forward in reforming the economic situation the country is going through, and to support agricultural projects, in terms of providing the national economy and easing the living burdens of citizens.
His Excellency also stressed the need to find development projects to accommodate young people, because they are the future of the country.
His sovereignty pledged to support the countryside with basic services, and to support mosques and cells, calling on the citizens of North Bahri to adhere to the framework agreement.

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