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In response to the rumors.. Abd al-Rahim Dagalo: A clash occurred between the Rapid Support Forces and the army (impossible).

Khartoum 26-2-2023 AD
The second commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Abd al-Rahim Hamdan Daglo, affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces stand with the will and aspirations of the Sudanese people, indicating that the positions of the forces with the people are historical positions that began before April 11, 2019 AD, and were renewed after the October 25 coup, and continue to stand with the framework agreement and will not change. These situations never
The second commander of the Rapid Support Forces, during his address to the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Rapid Support Forces, headed by the forces in Khartoum, praised the forces’ stance and patience at the country’s borders, east, west, north and south, indicating that there are systematic media campaigns in the past days, behind which stand-owners of purposes – It aims to provoke the forces, distort their image, and influence their morale because of their path in the right path, which is represented in protecting the homeland and guarding its borders, preserving the security of defenseless citizens, and standing with the desire of the people, and he added: “This is our religion for which we wore khakis, and our chest will not narrow.” He was certain that these campaigns would not affect the forces, but would increase them in strength and solidity.
Lieutenant General Abdul Rahim ridiculed the attempts of some to earn money through the sympathy of the masses, pointing out that the desire of the Sudanese people cannot be fabricated overnight.
Lieutenant General Abdul Rahim stated that they are with the principle of the one army and the reform of the military institution, and they will not back down from the promise they made to the Sudanese people, pointing out that the army and their brothers in the Rapid Support Forces, and the young men and women of the glorious December revolution, presented columns of martyrs for the sake of the homeland, and he added directing his speech. To those who promote strife between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, there will be no clash between the two parties, and he said, “Your brothers in the army are impossible for them to raise arms against you, or for us to raise arms against them. We are all one hand, building our dear homeland, and restoring it to its normal state without division or dispersion.” .
He pointed out that there are a number of rumors circulating in the media to weaken the forces, including the rumor of reducing the salaries of the forces, and he explained that there are measures taken by the Ministry of Finance to govern its mandate over public money, and that these measures included all state institutions, including all forces.

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