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International envoys renew support to Framework Agreemen

The international envoys  renewed stance supportive to the Framework Agreement which was signed on 5th of last December , considering it as the best  ground for formation of a civilian government  leading the country  into democratic transition.
This came during a meeting which included political forces signatory to the Framework Agreement and the international envoys – United States, France, EU, Britain, Norway and Germany- at the Friendship Hall today.
 The Spokesman of the political process, Engineer Khalid Omer  said in press statements  following the meeting that  the international envoys affirmed during the meeting their support to the Framework Agreement, pointing out that the aim of the  visit to push parties to the Framework Agreement  to reach a final agreement.  
 He added that the envoys stressed  resumption of  support to Sudan which has stopped  since October 25, 2021, explaining that the international envoys were aware of  political and economic challenges  facing the country  and that they affirmed  support  to all parties  for reaching a final political  solution  as  soon as possible.
US Assistant Secretary of State for Horn of Africa, Peter Lord, for his part, stressed on behalf of the envoys support   the Framework Agreement which was signed on December 5th,
 He pointed out that the Framework Agreement was best ground for formation of a civilian government in Sudan and best base for making constitutional arrangements for a transitional period leading to elections.

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