Vice President of Sovereignty Council receives the Director of the World Food Program and the delegation of investors

Khartoum 2-15-2023
Vice-President of Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, affirmed that the doors of Sudan are open to all international companies, to benefit from modern technologies.
During the dinner banquet held in honor of David Paisley, Director of the World Food Program, accompanied by an investment delegation from various countries of the world, yesterday evening, he welcomed the visiting delegation, and affirmed the readiness of the Sudanese government to assist all international investors, and overcome all obstacles facing their work in the country. . He affirmed Sudan’s ability to achieve the slogan “Sudan is the world’s food basket”, with its vast and fertile lands, in addition to its eighteen states, each state with an advantage that differs from one state to another, and is a good catalyst for every investor.
Daglo emphasized Sudan’s need for modern technologies to compete with its products globally, indicating that 80% of production in Sudan is from small farmers, who are in dire need of providing them with agricultural machinery and improved seeds, in order to develop their products, in addition to finding global markets, to ensure their continuity and the sustainability of their products.
Vice-President of Sovereignty Council expressed his happiness with the presence of the Jinan company and Emirati companies in Sudan, reassuring investors that the first priority of the current government and the next civilian government is to develop laws that attract investors, noting that Sudan has studied the experiences of some countries in this field, especially the experience of the states of Rwanda and the UAE. to benefit from them in developing his abilities.

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