100- edition of isolation Mohammed Saad*

By : Mohamed saad

Today, the 100th edition of the Brownland newspaper is completed. Yes, we celebrate this modest number compared to newspapers in Sudan, but the newspaper’s steadfastness in Sudan’s economic, political, and social conditions is considered an achievement and success by the Brownland staff.
Many of the challenges and difficulties that we faced together while we are working on publishing the newspaper were at a difficult time for the press all over the world and in Sudan in particular. All production data was very difficult for us, such as the availability of electricity, as we were most of the time looking for a place with electricity to work on designing the newspaper So we start by calling our friends and colleagues in search of a place that has electricity, and as soon as we find the place, we carry the computers and go to the place where there is electricity and work until the newspaper is designed, and in any case, our host showered us with genuine Sudanese generosity and patience until our work was finished.
We suffered at times from the interruption of the Internet service, so we used to receive the materials in handwritten paper, so we would transfer them to computers.
We faced suffering in distributing the newspaper during the days of the demonstrations, as the distribution was affected to the extent that all printed copies were returned at times.
Subscriptions and advertising, because we are an English-language newspaper, were not good for us compared to Arab newspapers, which are also suffering.
The cost of printing is increasing every day, and the reader cannot buy the newspaper in Sudan’s economic situation.
Devices often break down.
We often get frustrated and decide to give up and stop working.
But the love of journalism and the love to convey abroad what is going on in Sudan with full credibility and impartiality and our love for the smell of paper and ink and our love for each other is the main reason for our continuation in Brownland newspaper.
I thank all the readers of Brownland newspaper, and I thank my colleagues and friends from the journalists and technicians at Brownland. I hope that we will continue to work despite all the suffering we face in the isolation imposed on the English press in Sudan

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