American newspaper(Fox News) : describes Hamidti as a (reformist) general

  • General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “against anyone who wants to be a dictator”* Khartoum – Agencies
    The well-known American newspaper Fox News, which is close to the White House, devoted a large space in its pages to address the statements and positions of the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, describing him in a prominent headline as the reformist general.
    A military chief on Tuesday criticized the generals ruling Sudan, saying they refused to step down to allow for a democratic transition under a civilian administration.
    Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, commander of the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces, said his dispute with other military leaders, which has become public in recent weeks, centers around the issue of handing over power to civilians.
    Addressing the Rapid Support Forces at a military base in the capital, Khartoum, he said, “We are against anyone who wants to be a dictator.”
    Sudan plunged into chaos after a military coup overthrew the Western-backed government in October 2021, slowing progress on the short-lived transition to democracy after nearly three decades of authoritarian rule under President Omar al-Bashir. The coup came after more than two years of popular uprising that led to the overthrow of Al-Bashir and his Islamic government in April 2019.
    Under mounting pressure, the generals and pro-democracy groups reached a tentative agreement in December, a precursor to the formation of a civilian government. Other groups, including rebels, have opposed the deal, and internationally backed talks are underway to get them to join the framework agreement, a condition the military set for the handover of power to civilians.
    The feud between Dagalo and other military generals has escalated in recent weeks. The commander of the Rapid Support Forces has recently become critical of other military leaders, in part on the issue of handing over power to civilians, and also on integrating his powerful forces into the army as defined by the framework agreement.
    Sudanese General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo says authoritarian leaders in the country’s African army are refusing to step down, complicating the Western-backed democratic transition process
    During his speech, Dagalo dispelled the seriousness of any tensions between his forces and the army as an institution. He addressed his cheering forces, saying, “There is no problem between the army and (the) Rapid Support Forces.” He added, “We want to achieve a real democratic transition. We want the status of this country to rise.”
    Daglo did not present any evidence to support his claim that the country’s military leaders oppose handing over power to civilians. But his comments on Tuesday appeared to refer to Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the ruling Sovereignty Council.
    The army spokesperson did not return calls for comment. Al-Burhan previously said that they are ready to hand over power once civilians settle their disputes.
    In his speech on Tuesday, Dagalo said that foreign countries including wealthy Gulf states and European governments have made the restoration of democratic transition a condition for resuming aid to Sudan.
    Many foreign governments and international institutions stopped providing aid to Sudan in the aftermath of the coup and pressured Al-Burhan to loosen his grip on power. Dagalo added, “Any party we ask to support Sudan will answer: after the formation of the civilian government.”
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