China .. Saudi Arabia and Iran

  • By : Mohamad Saad
  • The New York Times said (The Iranian-Saudi declaration represents a geopolitical challenge to the United States and a victory for China) and I believe that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with one move and with the agreement to resume diplomatic relations with Iran gained several points and goals and strengthened its role in Yemen in the settlement, which will inevitably be within the joint files of Riyadh and Tehran and will necessarily extend To restore the effective roles of the Saudis in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as to ensure the security of the Red Sea and before that, to reduce the military and economic cost of Decisive Storm, and perhaps (zeroing it) due to the decrease or absence of the previous threats.
    And the most recent earthquake in the press editing halls is the earthquake in Beijing, Riyadh and Tehran, which
    Hit America and the West alike
    The agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran in China is considered a victory for peace, diplomacy and dialogue, and a victory for the Middle East and Islamic countries, the return of diplomatic relations, the exchange of ambassadors, the activation of the security cooperation agreement, respect for the sovereignty of states, non-interference in internal affairs, and the resolution of differences through dialogue and diplomacy. Surprisingly, China entered the dialogue line to stop security and regional friction, given that China is the largest economic partner of Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the largest economy and emerging power in the world today.
    He clarified the Kingdom’s position, its future vision, and self-esteem, and not accepting dictations from anyone. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has charisma and a personality that does not fear situations and risks, strives to raise the kingdom and its people to the ranks of major powers.
    This began when Jeddah witnessed the Security and Development Conference, which was attended by US President Biden, and he left it with nostalgia when he tried to impose America’s views and policies on the kingdom by blackmail once. And its capital is Jerusalem. The historic agreement between Riyadh and Tehran stopped receiving American instructions, restored balance to Islamic relations, restored partnerships, and exchanged benefits and interests, in addition to the establishment of the strong Brexit organization, the Shanghai organization, the Astana organization, and the Astana group, all of which are considered the largest source of energy, sources of food supplies, and supply chains in the most vital region in the world with More than half of the world’s population lives in this region.
    Global challenges and changes imposed great changes, the most important of which is regional security..and creating a more just and democratic world order that would prevail in the world instead of a unipolar one that spread wars and sanctions on countries in the world with the plundering of resources and wealth.
    A new page in the relations between Riyadh and Tehran will put an end to the war in Yemen and the wings of peace will spread in the region instead of wars. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said, “The Arabs will race for progress and renaissance again, and we will prove that in word and deed” to the ranks of the great powers with partnerships Dialogue and exchange of interests and benefits between Islamic countries and friendly and respected countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, India, Turkey, Iran and African countries away from isolation, sanctions and extortion.
    A new political map that redraws the political borders in the world led by Russia by changing the traditional powers and working on a balanced power policy. The Russian war against Ukraine, NATO and America is nothing but a global struggle to change the prevailing concepts for decades, and the beneficiary of it is the global south, which has been suffering from Monsters that have been fighting for a long time
    And Saudi Arabia in particular has finally discovered that it has a weight in the world that does not have to be within the balance of America, and that Hollywood is not the abstract and realistic truth, and Iran, Turkey and Syria are part of the expected scenario for the start of the new world.
    Now is the time to start restructuring the world specifically with the economic weakness that Europe is going through and the apparent weakness of President Biden
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