Complaint to Allah.. The CAF is unfair, unjust and partial.. Qatari Emir is solicited to stop Egyptian Alaa Sadeq

By Hisham Al Gizouli
The African football governing body ‘CAF’ proved to be nothing more than a puppet in the hands of the Egyptian Intelligence which runs the affairs of the country itself right from the traffic in the busy streets to football games on and off the pitches in Cairo and elsewhere. The failure of the Confederation to establish itself as an independent authority stood revealed following the painful defeat of the CAF’s spoiled child ‘Al Ahli’ at the hands of ‘Al Hilal’ under the open sun in Omdurman in the opener of the 2023 edition of the Champions League.
Since last year, the CAF was acting on the directives of the Egyptian Intelligence to manipulate the competition’s draw in order to bring together the spoiled child Al Ahli alongside Sundowns, Al Hilal and hapless Al Merrikh, The promise was to deprive Al Hilal from their supporters and beat them at home and away while providing free facilities, food and accommodation plus other benefits for Al Merrikh in Cairo. The deal was uncovered by Al Merrikh’s top management, but the CAF has simply turned a blind eye to the whole affair and everything went according to Al Ahli’s dirty plan.
Last Friday, the spoiled child began to cry after Al Ahli have been done by the ruthless South African giants in Pretoria. The apparent excuse for the defeat was the decision of the hosts to start the game in the afternoon and forcing the spoiled child’s keeper Shinawi to face the Africa’s burning sun!! Oh terrible!! And before we proceed forward, let us remind ourselves that the Egyptians’ floodlit venues have been introduced very recently. Earlier, during the unforgettable days of difficulties and hardships, football fans were buried under the debris of the poor stadiums, and the Egyptians used to refuse to play at night, particularly when they come to Sudan.
Again, at last the spoiled child admitted that the grounds of Al Salam Stadium and many other Egyptian facilities, are not up to the standard, and the club’s management shifted their home clashes to Cairo Stadium. But, we have never heard of any remarks by the CAF officials to the effect!! The focus was on Al Hilal Stadium, since the spoiled child is above the rules and their facilities are approved all through.. Don’t touch!!
Al Ahli have filed a complaint against Al Hilal, while all the accusations embodied therein were refuted by the Egyptian ambassador to Sudan and Al Ahli’s TV camera has documented that the final workout at Al Hilal Stadium went very smoothly without any interruption by the crazy fans as they have allegedly said. Al Ahli skipper Mohammed Shinawi has confirmed the warm welcome and friendly hospitality at the pre-match Press conference. However, although I don’t trust the Egyptians, but definitely the ambassador was not talking rubbish, and the provocation of Al Ahli players against Al Hilal’s doctor and equipment officer has been clearly displayed and seen by everyone, except the ‘CAF’ officials!!
Now, the Egyptian media has never stopped talking about a possible deal by Al Hilal and Sundowns to expel Al Ahli!!That means, Al Hilal and Sundowns have no ethics or values just because of their dark skins!!According to the descendants of the immigrants and invaders, Al Hilal are incompetent and do not deserve to advance except from the back doors, just like them. The Egyptians do not belong to Mama Africa. They came from elsewhere around the globe. There is a say in Arabic which goes, “Egypt is the land of gold and faithless women, they are gathered with a drum and dispersed by a stick. Betrayal and distrust is part of their way of thinking and belief. If you will trust the woman, that means you trust the rays of the sun at the time of the sunset!!.” That is not me, but they say it.
However, I promise, not only Al Hilal may beat Sundowns and make it into the knockout stage and beyond, Cotton Sport could also hold the arrogant Egyptians and send them outside the African tournament which is originally tailored to suit the natives of this part of the world!! And we hope the CAF will stick to the published fixtures where AlAhli will face Cotton Sport on Friday, before Al Hilal and Sundowns celebrate the success on Saturday.
Al Hilal are coming all the way to restore justice and take revenge for the 1987 Larash-Gate!! The Moroccan referee was stopped by the customs authorities of the Cairo Airport and forced to assign the $ 30.000 that has been paid to him according to AL Ahram daily (Egyptians). We have a strong passion for the game and we are the founders of the African Cup of Nations. Top performers in Egypt were Sudanese in the early sixties and seventies. Sulieman Faris was nicknamed by the Egyptians ‘the high dam’ and Omer Al Nour has had astonished the European clubs which have visited Egypt at that time, a few to mention!!
Former skipper of the Egyptian national team and Zamalek SC Farouq Jaafar, a native by origin and Egyptian by nationality, was quoted as saying, all the trophies that have been snatched by their clubs and national teams are fake thanks to bad refereeing and Larash was the best example,
Finally, this is a special request to the Qatari Emir to stop their Qatari Sports Channel, bein sports from insulting Sudan, the nation, through the Egyptian Moslim Brother refugee Alaa Sadeq under the disguised excuse of an allegedly sports analyst. It is a shame for Qatar, the so-called brothers of Sudan!!

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