Khartoum State Conference on Development and Promotion : Challenge and Solutions

Daglo announces his sponsorship for a conference of ten-year plan for the state.

 Khartoum: Staff Writer

The conference on Development and Promotion of Khartoum State inaugurated on Monday 20 March 2023 at Friendship Hall Khartoum, under slogan (together for renaissance of the capital).  

The conference is organized under the supervision of the Acting Wali (governor) of Khartoum State, Ahmed Othman Hamza, and the honorableness of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, in which a number of federal ministers, the General Secretariat of the Khartoum State government, representatives of the armed forces, police, a number of ambassadors and civil society organizations are participating in the conference.

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, addressed the colsing session , indicated that the Capital Khartoum constitutes a unique social fabric that expresses Sudan, with its diversity, cultures and lofty civilization, calling for hard work to achieve the aspirations of the people for peace, stability, development and prosperity.

Daglo has praised the convening of the conference and the discussions that took place that expresses a high sense of responsibility and an endeavor supported by ambitious plans to transform energies into future action programs, stressing his support for the conference, announcing his sponsorship for a conference of ten-year plan for the state.

He greeted the conference participants, the people, and youth throughout the country, asked for mercy to all the martyrs of the revolution, pointing out that the renaissance of Khartoum State requires continuous and great scientific and practical effort with reviewing and correcting the urban plan of the state to deal with the imbalance and keeps pace with technology and development.

He reviewed the most urgent projects the states’ need announcing his direct sponsorship of a conference to develop a ten-year strategic plan for the state of Khartoum, (2023-2033) in coordination with the state government based on the experience and reference of previous urban plans taking into account the requirements of time to keep pace with development.

Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Jaber called on the political forces to agree on national values ​​to lead the battle of construction and reconstruction and get the country out of the current situation.

He said that the citizens of Sudan are betting on the wisdom of the leaders of political action.

Jaber stressed that the issue of freedom is a relative and limited principle that stops at the limits of the freedom of others and not harming it, adding that issues of justice and peace are enforceable and should be applied as a right for all.
Jaber said that the conditions the country is going through politically, socially and security pose a challenge to all Sudanese people and require consensus from everyone in order to overcome them.

He added that the message sent by the state of Khartoum through this conference is that let us come together for construction and reconstruction, which is the real battle. In this regard, he saluted the Governor of Khartoum, who is leading tangible work on roads, bridges, and environmental health, despite the scarcity of capabilities and economic conditions. He indicated that the conference identified problems, provided solutions, and put forward remedies with varying time limits for the issues raised.

Jabir announced the commitment of the Sovereignty Council to the outputs of the conference to implement them to be of benefit to all regions of the state.

 The  Governor of Khartoum state, Ahmed Osman Hamza noted  that there are great challenges facing the state, on top of which are  the security fragility, poverty rate and  provision  of services such as electricity  and  water supplies,  pointing out that the state suffers from a  high number of population, estimated to  15 million persons, in addition to increasing number of displaced persons and the expansion of random housing.

The governer urged the participants to come up with implementable recommendations in order to achieve the goals of the conference, meanwhile, the Minister of Federal Government Kurtkila Salih, who also addressed the conference praised the initiative of developing and renaissance of Khartoum state, stressing the important role the national capital, saying it must reflect the culture and civilization of the country and affirmed his support for all outcomes of the conference.

Within the framework of the economic conditions, high prices, collapse of services, health situation, the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, the high cost of water and electricity and the increasing unemployment rate, amid the continuation of political and security conflicts , preparations have been completed in Khartoum State to organize the State Development Conference with the participation of a wide range of those interested and related to the management of the state’s affairs, experts, symbols and community leaders .

The problems facing the state will be presented at the conference and proposals for solutions and a vision for development will be presented.

The conference will discuss infrastructure issues, housing, roads, bridges, sanitation, security, social axis, culture, media and tourism, youth and sports issues.

Now a days Khartoum Government is working hard to secure all parts of the state for the stability of the security situation ,with regard to securing processions, Khartoum Government announced the state’s plan to secure the processions, which is carried out by forces operating according to specific regulations and procedures in dealing with the processions to avoid any human losses.

There are several services that must be urgently solved, drinking water, poor hygiene services, poor roads, in addition to problems in education, health and sanitation. 

The good news is that Khartoum state Security Coordination Committee has decided to increase and intensify patrols to combat drug abuse, which has increased significantly in past years.

The community security points” should be set up in the neighbourhoods with the participation of the residents “to monitor negative phenomena and secure the neighbourhoods”.

we have to mobilise civil society organisations to organise awareness campaigns, intensify media reports, and inaugurate an Anti-Drugs Council, “with the participation of all working and interested parties in the case”.

There should be a progress of the state’s security plan to combat the increasing cases of petty crimes in the region. It praised the results achieved by police stations and patrols.
The insecurity and spread of narcotics become a threat to the people of the state.

The Khartoum state government has many challenges that must be presented during the conference objectively to find appropriate solutions to all the issues raised .

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