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Rapid Support Forces * Press Circular*

The Rapid Support Forces participated effectively during the security and military reform workshop, whose sessions lasted from 26-29 March, as part of the political process in its final phase.

The Rapid Support Forces affirm their full commitment to achieving a single professional national army, and to all that was stated in the political framework agreement signed last December 5, and the paper of principles and foundations for security and military sector reform, signed on March 15, especially issues of reform, integration, modernization, and civil democratic transition. .

We, in the Rapid Support Forces, stress that our organic relationship with the armed forces is inextricable, and no party will be able to disturb it, and we affirm our continuation of working positively in the joint technical committees, which will continue the discussion on the rest of the details to complete the agreed upon principles and foundations. We are committed to expediting the discussion of these issues, so that they are included in the final political agreement, according to the announced timings, which we hope will facilitate a way out for our country that will end the suffering of our patient and persistent people.

Office of the official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces

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