Text of the speech of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, at the Khartoum State Development Conference

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
And prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, upon him be the best of blessings and the most complete delivery
Gentlemen / Ministers
Mr. / Governor of Khartoum State and the Executive Director
Gentlemen/scientists and experts participating in the conference
Gentlemen / in different media
Dear citizens of Khartoum State
Ladies and Gentlemen
May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you
It gives me great pleasure to address the conclusion of this conference of yours, which aims to develop the state of Khartoum, under the slogan (Together for the renaissance of the capital). Through you, we send greetings of appreciation and respect to the masses of our great people throughout the dear country. Greetings also to young men and women, and here we must have mercy on the martyrs of the revolution and all its martyrs. The righteous homeland.
As we breathe the scents of the holy month of Ramadan, we ask God to preserve our country and our people and to bring it back to us and our country more secure, stable, united, and cohesive.

Khartoum is the city that witnessed our liberation, our successes, our failures, and our glories, a century and more ago, and still determines our destiny in everything. We met in Khartoum with our diversity, our civilizations, our cultures, and our colors, to form together a unique social fabric that expresses Sudan, the lofty, dear homeland, and our honorable and courageous people.
Today, Khartoum stands witness to a new future for our nation, which we made with our determination, and we are more determined to start a new era, which we hope will lead us to achieve the aspirations of our people for peace, stability, development, and prosperity.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The discussion that took place in this conference on the development of the state of Khartoum is a praiseworthy matter that expresses a high sense of responsibility and love for work, which must be supported by an ambitious plan capable of transforming these energies and capabilities into action programs. We assure you that we will stand with it and support it, to overcome the challenges and achieve the goals for which this conference was established.
We must realize that the renaissance cannot take place according to short-term emergency programs and quick solutions that are not suitable for the state of Khartoum, which currently includes about a fifth of the population of Sudan and is equal to the area of ​​entire countries.

Ladies and Gentelmen:
Renaissance and civilizational renaissance require a long-term strategic plan, and this happened during the life of Khartoum, which was subject to 5 structural plans over 100 years, as the first structural plan was in the year 1910, then the second structural plan in 1958, then the third urban plan in 1976, then The Fourth Urban Plan of 1990, and finally the Fifth Urban Plan of 2008, which developed an urban plan for the state of Khartoum that extends until 2033, divided into (5) stages, each stage is (5) years old.
The state of Khartoum has paid more than 20 million dollars to international and local houses of expertise to complete the latest urban plan, which will start in the year 2023, the date for the start of its fourth phase. Various factors have caused the halt and delay in the implementation of many of its projects, on top of which are (9) cities. New ones, work has not started yet, and (6) Nile facades, of which only two have been completed, and from the aforementioned, the achievement appears to be modest, rather very scarce out of a total of about 1,200 projects.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The renaissance of Khartoum State requires continuous and accumulated work, as well as a great scientific and practical effort. It is important, and even wise, to start with reviewing and correcting the urban plan of Khartoum State and updating it, in a way that addresses the imbalance and keeps pace with technology and development.
I will give an example of one of the most important projects that the state of Khartoum urgently needs, according to a strategic plan, which is the sewage network project. It is inconceivable that capital in this era throws its waste into the ground, causing the largest environmental pollution, and the country and the citizen pay the price of an exorbitant treatment bill for diseases. Caused by “sewage wells” that increase by hundreds every new morning – this problem cannot be solved with an urgent emergency plan, but with a strategic plan aimed at closing the last sewage well in Khartoum, within 5 years, and we can achieve this with careful planning and strict implementation.
Ladies and Gentelmen:
From this standpoint, I announce now, and from this rostrum, my sponsorship directly, of a conference to develop a ten-year strategic plan for the state of Khartoum, (2023-2033) in coordination with the state government based on the experience and reference of previous urban plans, and completing the remainder of the fifth urban plan with new foundations, taking into account The requirements of the times and keep pace with development.
A conference in which Sudanese experts from inside and outside Sudan will participate, and Sudanese universities that I hope will become incubators for building the future, in addition to foreign experts and houses of expertise, will participate in building the greatest cities in the world.
In principle, the conference could be held in September 2023.

This does not preclude emergency plans to confront current urgent problems, such as education, health, electricity shortages, and the environmental situation, providing a conducive climate for investment so that job opportunities are available for young people, circumstantial solutions for transportation, markets, and entertainment sites, and above all, taking care of the citizen’s pension and providing Health anda education services.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The investment represents one of the most important launching platforms for the renaissance of the state of Khartoum, which enjoys a natural location and enormous human and economic resources, but it needs a smart and practical investment vision. Partnerships and incubators for small family-related projects.
Young men and women have enormous energies and great determination for the advancement of Sudan. These capabilities must be invested, absorbed, and shared in all future projects for the development and renaissance of the state. Young people must be given a full opportunity and their ideas and proposals heard.

We are now facing a great opportunity that makes us able to change the course of this history. The ambition is to build a homeland, not to fight over its annihilation, and to move with determination toward a better future for us and our patient people, who deserve to enjoy security, stability, and development. Not only in Khartoum state but in all states of Sudan.
In conclusion, we extend our sincere thanks to the government of Khartoum state, to everyone who contributed to the establishment of this conference, and thanks also to all the participants, and we will study the recommendations you reached and cooperate in implementing them to achieve the goals of the conference, and we hope that such scientific activities will continue to achieve the renaissance of our country.
And thanks before and after to Allah, Lord of the worlds
Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah

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