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Daglo: The issue of Abyei is a priority that cannot be delayed, despite the critical circumstances that Sudan is going through

Khartoum – 9-4-2023
The Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Political and Administrative Oversight of Abyei Region, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, stressed the need for continued coordination and cooperation between Sudan and South Sudan, to build confidence and exchange views on how to provide a solid basis for the final solution to the Abyei issue.
The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council at the joint meeting between Sudan and South Sudan on Abyei at the Peace Rotana Hotel in Khartoum today said that despite the critical conditions that Sudan is going through, holding the meeting was a priority in appreciation of the sensitivity of the region’s issue and the human suffering that societies are going through, indicating that the conditions of the population in Abyei do not tolerate delay, pointing to the importance of reaching positive results through the meeting to put Abyei on the path of just and sustainable peace. He explained that the common historical ties between the societies of the region and the strategic relations that unite Sudan and South Sudan are all motivating factors that contribute to achieving real progress that guarantees a future. Better for the people of Abyei. He called for activating joint mechanisms and creating an appropriate environment that contributes to enhancing security, development, and stability for the benefit of societies in the region, stressing the importance of the participation of stakeholders and citizens of the region to enhance joint action and create an environment conducive to peaceful and social coexistence. He stressed opening the way for the relevant segments of the region’s society, especially youth, and women, to listen to their opinions, which would contribute to enhancing coexistence and stability, and called on the international community for more cooperation and play a role that goes beyond humanitarian aid, to the implementation of development projects that advance societies. He called on the international community, especially the United Nations Office in Sudan, South Sudan, and donors, to visit Abyei as soon as possible, to closely examine the necessary needs of local communities.
It is noteworthy that the joint meeting on Abyei, which was held in Khartoum today, came at the initiative of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, and it is the second of its kind to discuss sustainable solutions to the Abyei issue and provide the necessary solutions to the local communities.

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