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Foreign Ministry issues press statement on incidents in country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press statement noting that the unfortunate incidents that began on Saturday, April 15, 2023 resulted from the rebellion of the Rapid Support Forces against the Sudanese Armed Forces in a number of locations in the capital and some other cities, following the attack that the RSF launched on the resident of the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in the Guest House next to the General Command of the Armed Forces.

In the press statement issued today, the Foreign Ministry affirmed that the Armed Forces as adopted a combat strategy that aims at minimizing losses among civilians and private and public property, although these measures may take some time to end the control of the remnants of the RSF over the government sites that they controlled.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its appreciation for the efforts of Arab and African countries and the international community to help calm the situation in the country, and stressed that the matter is an internal one that should be left to the Sudanese to achieve the required settlement among them, away from international interference.

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