Message to my friends

Mohamed Saad

First, I apologize for the delay in replying to you. Sending messages is difficult with fear and the smell of rotting corpses that fill the roads in Khartoum. While I lie to my children that the sounds of cannons are fireworks because Eid is approaching, despite the miserable conditions and the sadness that fills the sky, I was happy to ask you about me and me. National.
My friends, I do not hide from you that the situation is very bad in Sudan, and we breathe terror and sleep with fear and anxiety, and our hearts almost jump out of us out of excessive panic whenever we hear the sound of bullets or bullets. Rather, it has reached us while we sleep under the beds that we are afraid to even of hearing the sounds of the air, and the Knocking on the doors, we thought it was the sound of bullets.
What is happening now in Sudan is summarized by a message from a soldier of the National Army to his brother who works in the Rapid Support Forces, informing him that his wife has given birth to a male child, and he does not know because he is in the midst of battles, as if he wanted to tell him the good news before he met him in battle while they were two opponents.
The problem began more than 10 years ago when the government of Sudan sought the help of local forces in the Darfur region to confront the rebellion at that time, and after the 2018 Sudanese revolution, it was agreed between most of the political and military parties to put the Rapid Support Forces in a government box represented in the installation of Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo as deputy The President of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, however, recently, disputes broke out between them to the point of the war, and the story can also be viewed according to the news in
The Times, citing the Wall Street Journal
(The United States doubts the existence of a deal between Wagner and Hamidti, and Washington pushed Egypt to support Al-Burhan).
My friends, up to the date of this letter, the death toll is estimated at more than 180, and the wounded at more than 1,800, most of them civilians.
My friends, for the first time, I hope that the government will cut off the internet service because there is nothing but negative news, which often talks about the fall of Qazifa in a house, or the lack of water and electricity in one of the neighborhoods, or the lack of medicine, and the bombing of hospitals, which made me feel depressed.
This message is a brief description of what is happening in Sudan… Thank you

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