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Rapid Support Forces Command *Statement of the Sudanese people

  • * The Rapid Support Forces were surprised this morning, Saturday, April 15, by a large force of the armed forces entering the headquarters of the forces in the Soba campgrounds in Khartoum, besieging the forces present there and then attacking them with a sweeping attack with all kinds of heavy and light weapons. It made contacts with each of the Quartet Mechanism and the mediation group represented by Mr. Malik Aqar, Mr. Minni Arco Minawi and Dr. Jibril Ibrahim and briefed them on the matter.
  • It calls upon the Sudanese people and international and regional public opinion to condemn this cowardly behavior and calls on the Sudanese people to unite at this critical historical moment.
  • May Allah save Sudan*
  • May Allah protect our kind and persistent people *
  • Office of the official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces *
  • April 15, 2023 AD *
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