shut down the hose

Othman Mirghani
The pioneers of social networking laughed at the attempt to close Khartoum, which was threatened by some political parties with a social cover… The spread pictures showed a few young men around one banner that read “The comprehensive closure.” Some joked, saying where is the “comprehensive” one, while somewhere else A few young men gathered around a burning “stick”… At the end of the day, the “closing of Khartoum” was just jokes and anecdotes that the Shamton entertained from the idea and its owners…
But despite the cynicism with which many met this matter, it is a dangerous and dramatic development.. and a new shift in the virus of politics that may enter Sudan with devastating consequences for the entire country… The lesson is not in the implementation of the “Khartoum closure”, but rather in the introduction of this term to the political arena.
So far, “closing Khartoum” is nothing but a media act intended to threaten with a new qualitative weapon, and at such an initial stage of threat, the matter seems closer to nuclear tests that precede the manufacture of real nuclear bombs with war quantities capable of mass destruction, and if the “closure of Khartoum” is today Just a joke that made the pioneers of social networking laugh, the production of the event in a more serious and influential way is related to the repercussions of the situation and nothing more… Tomorrow the crowds will be more, the anger will be greater, and the money for executing the threat will be more, so the rules of the game will improve, the game of “closing Khartoum” to become semi-battles Military clashes may reach the stage of civil clashes.
It is wiser to look intelligently at the political crisis and unload its latent charges than to encourage players to improve their destructive capabilities… Wisdom says:
All accidents start from sight, and most fires come from tiny sparks.
Whoever tries to close Khartoum today will give others the idea of closing the cities of Madani, El Fasher, Kadugli, Sennar, and Kassala… A bad idea is like a virus that spreads quickly and carries with it a deadly destructive force…
It is wise to look at the entire political arena with the mentality of a solution, for the current battle is without a victor, but if those involved in it are rational, then victory is sufficient for everyone to be lucky.
In my estimation, the political issue is easy to solve, as it is – unfortunately and fortunately together – not far from the game of chairs that we used to play in childhood.
It is wise to design a Sudanese model of governance that bypasses the sterile terminology that our political arena has been addicted to in vain, and there is a new idea to produce Sudanese political concepts of governance that allow everyone to be content with division and share… So the politician will have two joys, one joy if he wins and the other if he loses. ..
Do not laugh at the failure of the idea of “closing the hose.” This will encourage its creators to improve it and return to it the noble prophetic tradition states that if one of them tried to break through the bottom of the ship, if the others caught him, he would be saved and they would be saved, and if they left him he would drown and they would be drowned.

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